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Images scar my mind.*

The hair in your eyes, it never disguised what you're really thinking of.

7 February
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That Girl.
I'm the smoke from your fire
I'm that lie you can trust
I'm the chord on your guitar
I'm that girl you can't shut up
I'm the blood you might need
In your car when you speed
In that cigarette you breathe
You can't get rid of me

I'm that dream drunk on music.
I'm the freak kicking the coke machine.
The girl that breaks the silence by screaming.
The one you like to call but crazy but know is perfectly sane.
The one who'll surprise the world the second she tells the truth.
Music takes over.
I'm the girl who's seen everything hit the wall more than once.
Overdramatic to a certain extent I guess, live with it or fuck off.
I'm the girl that knows even though the world never stops turning, things never do really change for the better.
Might as well shield yourself anyway you can.

30 seconds to mars, a fine frenzy, adam pascal, against me!, aiden, alesana, alexisonfire, alexz johnson, all time low, anberlin, angels and airwaves, anti-flag, apocolyptica, aqualung, august burns red, barenaked ladies, ben lee, between the trees, bleeding through, blink 182, boys like girls, bring me the horizon, broadway calls, bullet for my valentine, cabaret, cake, chiodos, city and color, cobra starship, coldplay, confine, css, darkthrone, dashboard confessional, dead kennedys, dead to me, death cab for cutie, dissection, donora, dropping daylight, every avenue, farewell, feist, finger 11, flyleaf, forever the sickest kids, four years strong, from first to last, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, goo goo dolls, gorillaz, hairspray, horrorpops, ingrid michaelson, jack's mannequin, jason mraz, jonathan groff., just surrender, kelly likes shoes, legally blond the musical, linkin park, love equals death, mae, manchester orchestra, maroon 5, mat kearney, matchbook romance, mayday parade, moldy peaches, morbid angel, motion city soundtrack, my chemical romance, nelly furtado, neverending white lights, nirvana, oasis, opeth, paramore, parkway drive, phantom of the opera, pink floyd, postal service, puddle of mud, quietdrive, radiohead, red hot chilly peppers, regina spektor, rent, rise against, saosin, sara bareillis, say anything, secondhand serenade, sex pistols, sick puppies, snow patrol, something corporate, spring awakening, sugarcult, taking back sunday, the academy is, the afters, the all american rejects, the almost, the beatles, the cab, the clash, the color fred, the dangerous summer, the devil wears prade, the early november, the killers, the maine, the pink spiders, the ramones, the red jumpsuit apparatus, the rolling stones, the spill canvas, the summer obessesion, the used, the white stripes, theory of a deadman, three days grace, tick tick boom, tiger army, trapt, tristan prettyman, trivium, we the kings, wicked, zero assoluto